The Chair of Cardiology at Medical University of Lodz is composed of :

  • Department of Cardiology and
  • Rapid Cardiac Diagnostics Unit.

The Chair of Cardiology, directed by prof. Jaroslaw D. Kasprzak,  is located in Biegański Regional Specialty Hospital and forms its includes the Department of Cardiology with cardiac intensive care unit, invasive cardiology suite and electrophysiology/electrotherapy laboratory. The academic faculty supports also post-hospital care in the framework of  Cardiac Rehabilitation Department and hospital's Outpatient Cardiology Clinic.

The Chair of Cardiology includes the following components:

  • Department of Cardiology
      • Department Head - Prof. Jarosław D. Kasprzak, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC; with component Department subunits of:
    • Noninvasive Electrocardiology Laboratory
      • Head - Prof. M. Kurpesa, MD, PhD, FESC
    • Interventional Cardiology Laboratory
      • Head - Jan Z. Peruga, MD PhD
    • Electrotherapy and Electrophysiology Laboratory
      • Head - Zbigniew Bednarkiewicz MD, PhD
  • Rapid Cardiac Diagnostics Unit
      • Head - Assoc. Professor P. Lipiec MD, PhD, FESC; the Unit including:
    • Echocardiographic Laboratory
    • Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory

Since its origin, the Chair of Cardiology has evolved into a full-profile tertiary reference center, offering diagnostics and treatment in the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases - including coronary heart disease, hypertension and its complications, heart failure, congenital and acquired heart diseases, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia. Our Department continues the cooperation with international cardiology centers and the Faculty members are currently active in the Boards of the Polish Cardiac Society Working Groups in the field of echocardiography, electrophysiology, cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, congenital heart disease and  interventional cardiology as well as Young Scientists' Club 30. In the past the Department Faculty members have served in the Boards of Polish Cardiac Society, European Association of Echocardiography (EAE) and currently we are represented in the boards of European Society of Cardiology initiatives: Cardiologists of the Future and EAE's Club 35.

A wide range of scientific, educational and preventive activities have been conducted in the Lodz region in cooperation with Polish Cardiac Society, European Society of Cardiology and World Heart Federation. The Chair of Cardiology has been involved or continues the scientific cooperation and exchange with renowned international centers, including Erasmus University in Rotterdam, University of Essen, Tufts University in Boston, Duke University in Durham, University of Leuven, Heart Center Bad Krozingen, Herzzentrum Osnabrück -Bad Rothenfelde Schüchtermann Klinik and many others.

The Chair of Cardiology offers the full spectrum of contemporary therapy in cardiovascular disease. Our catheterization laboratory (Interventional Cardiology Laboratory) performs with high volume of coronary angiography and angioplasty, percutaneous procedures for treating structural heart disease, valvular defects and the prevention of stroke in adults. Right heart catheterizations are routinely performed in heart failure and pulmonary hypertension patients, as the Department serves as the sole regional center for the management of pulmonary arterial hypertension in adults. Our interventional suite has co-founded the regional acute infarction interventional therapy program and is currently the most active and versatile cath-lab in the region to date.

Electrotherapy Laboratory performs implantations of all types of pacemakers including cardioverters-defibrillators and resynchronization devices as well and develops a comprehensive EPS/ablation program. We are proud to play a key role in the regional pilot program of 24-hour life-threatening arrhythmia care. Due to ongoing cooperation with leading surgical centers our patients benefit from direct access to cardiosurgical consults on a permanent basis. The post-hospitalization continuity of care is provided by hospital's Outpatient Cardiology Clinic and busy in- and outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Department directed by Professor Małgorzata Kurpesa, a Staff member of the Chair of Cardiology.

In terms of research, the Chair of Cardiology is one of the most active institutes within the Medical University of Lodz and among the Polish cardiovascular centers. The main research directions include noninvasive and invasive imaging, especially echocardiography, acute coronary syndrome care, noninvasive electrocardiology and acute  coronary syndrome care. Since its foundation of by Professor Maria Krzeminska-Pakula the Department  has been evolving as a leading echocardiographic center with growing international recognition. The Department contributed to the development of novel echocardiographic techniques such as tissue Doppler imaging (prof. Jarosław Drożdż), contrast  and three-dimensional echocardiography (prof. Jarosław D. Kasprzak), speckle tracking and handheld echocardiography (assoc. prof. Piotr Lipiec, prof. Jarosław D. Kasprzak, assoc. prof. Łukasz Chrzanowski), pioneering the techniques in Poland. Another focus is clinical and research application of functional studies such as cardiopulmonary stress testing, advanced electrophysiology (microvolt T-wave alternans, heart rate turbulence) and complex vascular function studies. Interventional research program included stem cell research in context of acute coronary syndromes and innovative approaches in cardiogenic stroke prevention. The Department has remarkable experience in multicenter clinical research, including the rich contributions in data collection and publications in dozens of trials, with recent HORIZONS, FINESSE, STICH, FIRE, PREMIER, RADAR and ABLYNX  studies to be specifically mentioned.

The Department runs an extensive pre- and post-graduate teaching program in internal medicine and cardiology. We train students of several faculties of our University in cardiovascular science, and promote scientific interests of  Polish and international students under the auspices of  a very active Students' Scientific Club. Noteworthy, research papers were presented by our students also at top-ranked international conferences including Euroecho and European Congress of Cardiology! The Department of Cardiology runs the largest number of training posts for specialization in cardiology in the region and, due to a large team of senior research staff many young doctors are encouraged to prepare their doctoral and, further, habilitation thesis under the supervision of the Department's professorship. Rich educational profile includes also numerous postgraduate courses, including unique training in advanced echocardiographic techniques and invasive cardiology workshops. Finally, the Chair of Cardiology is the home of Polish Journal of Cardiology (Polski Przegląd Kardiologiczny), an independent scientific quarterly formed in 1999 by prof. M. Krzemińska Pakuła and prof, Jarosław D. Kasprzak, current Editor-In Chief.   

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